About Promerita Group

Committed to keeping promises, Promerita was formed because we recognize that many investors and companies are not receiving good value from their advisors and financial services providers.

We believe that there is a better way to provide greater value, deeper expertise, and exceptional service in real estate, strategic wealth management and corporate finance disciplines for affluent investors, private families and corporations.

In contrast to most financial institutions, as a private, financially independent corporate group with closely managed operating costs, we are not subject to the same relentless profit and sales growth pressures of publicly traded companies, nor are we beholden to any financial institution to offer any corporately promoted products. In addition, unlike employees of large, publicly-listed financial institutions who may have to juggle conflicting career, corporate and client interests, our principals are owners in our corporate group and have a personal commitment to the clients we serve and an enduring stake in the advice we give.

Whether your needs are for advice on investment management, corporate continuation and succession planning, personal estate planning, insurance advice, real estate investment, corporate finance strategy, or other complex business and financial matters, the right person in Promerita will help you achieve your goals or we will refer you to a trusted professional within our extended network to ensure that your needs are met.

Vision, mission, and values

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