The Promerita name

Echoing the word “Promeritum” which refers to a financial promise in Latin, our name encapsulates two simple but profound ideas that form the foundation of who we are.


We hold that Passion, People and Principles are the hallmarks of true professionalism. As described by Dr. David Maister, former Harvard Business School professor and a leading expert in the management of professional service organizations, true professionalism is: 

“…believing passionately in what you do, never compromising your standards and values, and caring about your clients, your people, and your own career.”

In our view, true professionalism and objective advice is invaluable but scarce in a marketplace dominated by extremely large and often impersonal, public corporations that are overwhelmingly driven by the relentless compulsion for short term profit expectations from shareholders and the capital markets.


Merit is a derivation of the Latin word mereo, which refers to the appropriate and deserved wages earned by the professional Roman legionary in service to the Roman Empire. It captures the idea that true service must be to a larger cause and should be rewarded appropriately. It also links the value of the service to its reward. 

The name Promerita reflects our belief that all clients should expect to receive good value for the costs they incur. We believe that as professionals, we must earn our keep and provide a service to others that is sufficiently valuable to justify what we receive. Our company is meritocratic in nature and our people are focused on delivering excellence.