Comprehensive services

We understand that as a boutique firm, there are products and services that we cannot offer directly to our clients. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives within our utmost abilities; therefore, we are happy to refer you to others in our extended network where we feel they are the leading professionals in that field to best service your needs.

Health Spending Account (HSA) Administration

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a simple, practical and very affordable alternative to traditional group benefit insurance plans for incorporated professionals and other small business owners to provide healthcare benefits to themselves and other employees of their corporations. They offer several significant benefits

Private banking

We have relationships with private banking institutions that can serve the everyday banking needs of high net worth clients. Many of these services offer premium credit card services, preferred savings rates, concierge services, and international banking. If you like our people at Promerita, our referrals ensure that we put you in touch with the professionals within those institutions who we think have similar values to us who can service your needs with the same level of integrity as the people at Promerita.

Tax and accounting services

Tax reporting and planning is an important part in the wealth management process. We often will work closely with your existing tax and accounting professional. In instances where an appropriate professional is not available, we can refer you to a number of allied professional experts that share our commitment to Integrity, Excellence, Relationship & Service in advising our clients. Our allied professional tax advisors have a deep understanding of the complex needs of high net worth individuals, business owners, and incorporated professionals, and more importantly, what we do for clients at Promerita. In addition to both domestic and cross-border tax advisory, these accounting professionals are also experts in audit engagements, corporate transactions, and other corporate accounting service engagements.

Legal services

Through our extensive contacts in the legal field, we will likely know the right people for your specific legal issues, from estate planning, taxation strategy, corporate structure, commercial litigation, to international trade disputes. We can also refer you to top legal professionals within Canada and across multiple jurisdictions including the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China (PRC lawyers), Singapore, Mauritius and other offshore jurisdictions.