M&A & Financing Advisory

As entrepreneurs who have successfully founded, built, acquired and divested businesses and business assets in various sectors, we are able to facilitate and implement strategic business acquisition plans, structure debt and equity financing, and help our clients monetize their business assets for maximum value whilst minimizing business disruption and mitigating multi-variance risk.

Our broad industry exposure and extensive network of existing corporate and family business clients provides us with unique access and insight to private business opportunities. By combining this proprietary market intelligence with our expertise in financial analysis and capital structuring within our culture of investment prudence, we provide a strategic advantage in identifying and sourcing business opportunity across Canada and guide our clients to achieve better risk-adjusted returns on their investments.

Conversely, by leveraging our domestic and international corporate network and our collective transaction experience, we can effectively connect Canadian business owners to strategic acquirers to maximize the transaction value when they choose to monetize their business or to connect our clients to the appropriate sources of capital to maximize their risk-adjusted returns from specific ventures. 

Furthermore, because of our philosophy of working collaboratively with other leading capital and business transaction groups, our clients enjoy a peerless combination of institutional-class transaction and execution services in conjunction with our deep local market insight, extensive network, and highly personalized service.