Private Capital & Advisory

Whether it is facilitating access to non-traditional sources of capital or providing strategic consulting advice, our Private Capital & Advisory practice team members are relentlessly focused on one thing: helping clients fulfill the promises they have made to their stakeholders. 

Private Capital

For entrepreneurs and businesses whose capital financing needs cannot be fully satisfied through traditional sources, with our creativity and experience, coupled with our access to alternative sources of capital, we deliver liquidity solutions and capital structuring alternatives to enable corporate owners to transform potential into concrete results. Through our network of private investors, private equity pools, and our own sources of capital, we help to bridge funding gaps and establish a future trajectory for growth and success. Examples include:

  • Investment syndication
  • Secondary share dispositions
  • Access to working capital
  • Balance sheet recapitalization
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Management buyouts


As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we have extensive experience working with executives, founders, investors and corporate boards across a variety of industries and have an intimate understanding of the needs and motivations of founders and management. Consequently, we are routinely asked to provide strategic, management consulting and corporate finance advice in order to help our clients fulfill their promises and achieve their goals.

We are highly selective of the projects we take on in this capacity, and will only assume engagements where there is clear alignment and a significant opportunity to create value for all stakeholders. However, regardless of scale or scope, we believe our ability to effectively deliver the results our clients deserve requires that we first build a solid foundation of trust and understanding. We work “with” our clients rather than “for” them, redefining what it means to be a partner – a trusted advisor.