Articles and seminars


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Seminars and events

Nov 2016, Promerita Fall Wealth Planning Seminar, Understanding Real Estate is a Key to Creating & Preserving Intergenerational Wealth, Vancouver

Mar 2016, Promerita Spring Wealth Planning Seminar, Tax and Regulatory Update, Vancouver

Nov 2015, Promerita Fall Wealth Planning Seminar, Accessing the Wealth Management Strategies and Private Investment Opportunities of Canada's Elite Business Families, Victoria

Nov 2015, Promerita Fall Insurance and Wealth Planning Seminar, Vancouver

Oct 2015, KPMG Education Seminar, Vancouver

Mar 2015, Promerita Spring Wealth Planning Seminar, 2015 Tax and Legal Update, Vancouver

Oct 2014, Canada Asia Business Network, Insurance Applications for Investors in Canada, Vancouver

Oct 2014, Aaron Gordon Daykin Nordlinger LLP, Understanding Insurance for Practical Application, Vancouver

Oct 2014, Promerita Fall Wealth Planning Seminar, Leverage Insurance Done Right!, Vancouver

Sep 2014, BC Bar Association, The Role Insurance plays in Business Succession, Vancouver

Jun 2014, Genus Capital Investor Presentation, Vancouver

May 2014, VGH-UBC Hospital Foundation, Vancouver

Mar 2014, Insurance & Wealth Planning Seminar, Vancouver

Oct 2013, VGH-UBC Hospital Foundation, Vancouver

Sep 2013, Investment & Trading Business Series, Vancouver

Sep 2013, China Best Ideas Investment Conference, Beijing

June 2013, Alberta CGA/CMA ONE Conference, Calgary

Feb 2013, Myers, Norris & Penney CA Firm, Vancouver

Feb 2013, Grant Thornton Senior Practitioner's Conference, Toronto

Nov 2012, Genus Wealth Management Client Seminar, Vancouver

Nov 2012, Grant Thornton Partner's Conference, Edmonton

Oct 2012, Smythe Ratcliffe Education Seminar, Vancouver

May 2012, KPMG Education Seminar, Vancouver