Wealth Management

Promises and legacy

Words of wisdom

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You, more than anyone else, understand the role your financial wealth plays in enabling you to fulfil the promises that you have made to your loved ones, your firm’s stakeholders, or the philanthropic aspirations that reflect your most closely held values. We also appreciate the role that your assets play in ensuring that you have an ongoing sense of independence and as an expression of who you are and the legacy that is meaningful to you.

At Promerita, we take a personal yet holistic approach to understanding your needs from a lifestyle, family goals, and personal balance sheet perspective. By understanding you, we can ensure that as our private wealth client, you have privileged access to a wide range of solutions including wealth management, strategic wealth planning, private capital, strategic advisory, and other comprehensive services that are appropriate and tailor-made for you.


Investment approach

Outperformance of index funds

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We firmly believe in a fully diversified approach to money management. Our core portfolio strategy comprises primarily index exchange traded funds (ETFs) that provide consistent market returns at low costs while having the proven track record of outperforming the vast majority of actively managed mandates over meaningful time frames.

Additionally, our team approach and multidisciplinary expertise gives you access and insight into a range of alternative assets such as private equity, hedge funds, and other special opportunities that offer potentially enhanced returns—opportunities that are normally kept in-house at traditional financial institutions and not made available to retail investors.

We aim to provide clients with opportunities to a full range of investments across asset classes, geography, currencies, and risk profiles to deliver the appropriate risk-adjusted returns while keeping costs low and transparent. Consequently, you know how much you are paying for our services and can have the confidence that more of your money is working for you.