Fit First:
Our Key to Success

Before we connect you to our network of resources, we sit together to determine that personalities, services, and expertise are a good fit. There are no costs until you decide that you are ready. And if so, you decide how you would like us to be involved in implementing the solution of your choice

Strategic Wealth Planning

Strategic wealth planning integrates corporate and personal contingency planning, ensuring that our clients are financially protected from unanticipated business and personal events.

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Real Estate

Promerita’s roots are in real estate investment and we offer a range of expert advisory services for investors that choose to invest in, diversify from, or reallocate within this asset class.

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Promerita Capital Partners is a creative and connected group of investors seeking business partners who, like us, are values-driven and want to create long-term success for their people, do well and enjoy the experience along the way.

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