Strategic Wealth Planning

We have a passion for it. We understand its complexity, but can demystify it for our clients


Although today Promerita Strategic Wealth is our group’s smallest business segment, it is our most treasured.

While insurance is often a critical component of individual and corporate planning, life insurance and living benefits solutions can be complex. With deep technical product knowledge and expertise in tax planning, our team is comprised of individuals who can demystify insurance based strategies so that our clients can understand and make an informed decision. We work with our clients’ existing advisors to find the right solution.

With our team’s background in designing, pricing, and creating insurance products, we educate and train other professionals in the technical aspects of insurance. We develop strategies to fund partnership and shareholder agreements and implement unique insurance strategies tailored to individual client situations.

Keeping promises is at the core of Promerita Group – in large part due to the role that life insurance played when our founder’s father passed away (see Founder’s letter).

Comprehensive estate planning goes beyond minimizing taxes due upon death and ensuring the appropriate wills and trusts are in place. It should also reflect an investor’s values and incorporate strategies to ensure appropriate integration between the corporate succession plan and the family estate plan.

We believe that your personal values should be at the core of your estate plan. Working together with our clients’ established tax and legal advisors, we develop strategies to ensure that financial liquidity and asset transfer objectives can be achieved in the simplest manner. In addition, we can guide you to find tax-effective charitable contributions if that forms part of your plan.

We recognize that half of all businesses in Canada do not have a formal succession plan. Working with our clients’ advisors in a multi-faceted approach, we help design shareholder structures and partnership buy-out agreements, and advise on key-person contingency planning to build a sound asset protection strategy. Where appropriate, we employ corporately-owned insurance strategies to fulfill the financial obligations set out in these agreements.

We are focused on helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives in a holistic way and have developed a network of values aligned professionals and service providers in complementary fields. We can provide introductions to address the following needs that you might have:

  • Employee group benefits
  • International insurance
  • Private banking
  • Accounting and legal services

Finding a safe home for their capital is also an important objective for many of our clients. If you are an accredited investor, and are interested in learning more about our co-investment opportunities in private assets, please feel free to contact us.


Learn more about our team

Angela Lang

Angela Lang

Principal, Strategic Wealth Planning

 Vince Cardella

Vince Cardella

Principal, Strategic Wealth Planning

Ernest Lang

Ernest Lang

Principal, CEO

“We have always been satisfied with the quality of advice and consistently high level of service that the Promerita team have provided to our family. In fact, because of our confidence in the Promerita team over the years, we have included their service and advice in our corporate affairs and they continue to provide exemplary work and service.”

Asa Johal, CM, OBC, LL.D and Chairman of Terminal Forest Products Ltd.

“I am extremely thankful I had the opportunity to work with Angela and the Promerita team. Angela took the time to understand my complicated situation, explain my options and provide proactive advice. Angela and the team at Promerita help simplify the process so you can make decisions that address issues that really matter and safeguard those that you love.”

Chase Chau, CPA, CFP

“We look for three things in an advisor, particularly, a financial advisor: integrity, wisdom and initiative. Ernest Lang has demonstrated all three of these virtues in abundance over the fruitful years of our relationship with him.”

John & Donna Weston

“Ernest has been of significant help to us in the management of our financial affairs. He provided us the opportunity to analyze our financial situation in detail. It took away the guess work and muddled picture we had about our finances…Ernest always puts our best interest above everything else…Ernest is a man of good character and unquestionable integrity.”

Dr. Philip & Lourdes Lim

“My family and I have had a relationship with Ernest for over 15 years. Over this time I have been consistently impressed by his financial acumen and the strength of his team. Ernest and his team, through their investment management services and access to unique investment opportunities, are helping my family develop a secure financial future.”

Dr. Steven Miller